Amelia is a costume designer for film, television and commercials. She has designed many award winning films and television shows including Babyteeth, Spiderhead, Children of the Corn, Dead Lucky, On The Ropes, No Activity, Squinters, Kiki and Kitty, The Moody's, Otherlife and After Birth.

She is currently working on Joseph Kosinski's Spiderhead with Chris Hemsworth, Miles Teller and and Jurnee Smollett.  

She has received the Australian Production Design Guild award for Best Costume Design in a Television Show and Best Costume Design in a Web series.

She loves working across all genres and is a diverse and creative designer whose passion for cinema, storytelling, sartorial analysis and character motivate her in her design work. 

She believes that an understanding of the language of style and it's role in society is an important communicative device for expressing identity and is an empowering form of self expression. 

In her downtime she likes baking and making rash and erroneous judgements of passers-by.

Download credit list  at amelia-gebler-credit-list-2021-0.pdf